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Rolling Stone
Favorite Films:
YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER,Midnight In Paris,Million Dollar Baby,Body of Lies,The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Official Page),This Must Be The Place - Il Film,Sweet and Lowdown,Piacere Ivo Fan Club,Super 8,Million Dollar Baby,The Social Network,Titanic,From Dusk Till Dawn,Citizen Kane,Jackie Brown,Cars 2,War Horse IT,Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,Crank,Taken,Predators Movie,The Tree of Life,Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,RED,Star Wars,A Clockwork Orange,Goodfellas,The Blues Brothers,The Dark Knight Rises,Coffee and Cigarettes,Rango,Dawn of the Dead,Sucker Punch - Italia,Sucker Punch,The Social Network Movie,New York Stories,Last Action Hero,As Good As It Gets,Official Machete,Taxi Driver,Avatar,Inception,Le Migliori Frasi Dei Film,Once Upon a Time in America,Once Upon a Time in the West,Once Upon A Time in Mexico,Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2,Grindhouse,Le Migliori Frasi di Pulp Fiction,Lucky Number Slevin,Tron Legacy,Ratatouille,Tenacious D e il destino del rock,Quelli che pensano che la saga Twilight ridicolizzi la figura del vampiro,Zombieland,PREDATORS ITALIA,Casino,Bastardi senza gloria,Reservoir Dogs,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,The Birds,Johnny il bello,The Wrestler,Psyco,Eyes Wide Shut,Fargo,Barry Lyndon,Toro scatenato,C\'era una volta in America,The Big Lebowsky,Great Teacher Onizuka,Iron Man 2,Hachiko,Notte Folle a Manhattan,Shutter Island,Disney Pixar: UP - Italy,Lois...Lois...Lois...Lois...Lois...mamma...mamma...mamma...,Funny People,Natural Born Killers,Tra le nuvole,Into the Wild,FANBOYS,PARNASSUS - L\'uomo che voleva ingannare il diavolo,Bastardi senza gloria,Old Boy,Gran Torino,True Lies,The Abyss,Watchmen,Vicky Cristina Barcelona,Full Metal Jacket,Funny Games,Quentin Tarantino Movies,Into the Wild,Big Fish,The Godfather,Fight Club
Favorite Books:
Il Signore degli Anelli,The Lord of the Rings,L.A. Confidential