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Coldplay - Life in Technicolor Backwards
A reversed version of Life in Technicolor from " Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends " ( 2008 ) with some simple mixes added by me. ( Clocks Fix you The Scientist God put a smile upon your face Violet Hill 42 Talk Yellow In my place Paradise Up in flames 12 September 24 October ) Mylo Xyloto Official tracklist 1. Mylo Xyloto 2. Hurts Like Heaven 3. Paradise 4. Charlie Brown 5. Us Against The World 6. MMIX 7. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 8. Major Minus 9. UFO 10. Princess Of China 11. Up In Flames 12. A Hopeful Transmission 13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart 14. Up With The Birds
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Sara Zappulo
Music land, Italy
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Coldplay - Life in Technicolor Backwards