Lost Brand

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Genres: Rock / alternative rock      /alternative metal
Management: Samuel Patellaro


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Lost Brand are an italian alternative/rock group. The current lineup has been together since 2009 when Davide Martello (drummer) joined Giuliano, Daniele and Alberto.
Right from the start the band emerged to mix melody and rhythm which are the key ingredients in the creation of their direct but elaborated songs, songs that allow the listener the possibilty to interpret the characters and stories in their own way.

The band's producer Jacopo Vannini (also known as Signor Kappa, keybordist of Dorian Grey) gathered the group in his recording studio for the creation of “all u can get”, the band's first complete album. Despite the hardwork, progress has been slow due to the intense activity of the group performing on stage, occasionally side to side with other music groups such as Diaframma of Federico Fiumani or Flotsam and Jetsam, a band formed by Jason Newsted (ex metallica), where they performed together at the Sottotetto” in Bologna in april 2010.

After the audio mastering, which took place in Milan, Rome and London, and the shooting of the music video “hellisa”, directed by Joe Bastardi, the album is finally ready to come out in September/October 2011.

The band is looking for a label

Line up:

Giuliano Cardu: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Daniele Pili: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alberto Porcu: Guitars
Davide Martello: Drums

Youtube Video
Lost Brand - HELLISA (Official video)

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Lost Brand
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Lost Brand