Holy Martyr
Holy Martyr formed in the middle of the nineties as a trio led by the guitarist Ivano.
The band started playing covers of the biggest bands of NWOBHM.

After numerous changes in the line-up, the band finally found stability in 2002, when they released their first demo called “Hatred And Warlust”. With its relentless savage attack, the cd made proselytes all over Europe.

... After just 5 months they started composing new stuff and they recorded their second Ep called “Hail to Hellas”.

It was based upon the famous battle of Thermopylae, fought by 300 Spartans. The Ep gained prestige among the most famous Italian, German and Greek magazines, and the band became a cult Heavy Metal band in Europe. For this album, Holy Martyr asked and got funds from more than 200 fans. This was quite unusual for an underground band, but they managed to create a huge group of faithful fans all over the world in a short time.

In 2005, after the positive experience of the previous years, the band produced their third Ep, which was put of print within a few months after its release. It was called “Vis Et Honor”, and it showed another improvement in the style of the band, which anyway stick to their origins: an epic, aggressive and melodic work, this time inspired by the Ancient Rome and Roman Soldiers.

This third chapter gained the interest of DragonHeart Records, which offered the band a contract and the chance to finally record their debut album “Still At War” released on 2006.
The album had goods reviews all over Europe, and the band started as soon as possible to work to the second album. This was recordered on April 2008 and in the mean while all the band moved in Milan. In September 08 the second album “Hellenic Warrior Spirit” was out, and it was followed by many dates mainly in Italy but Also in Spain, Greece and Germany.

On january 2011 the band start to record its third full lenght, which came out at the end of May.
the title is "Invincible", truly inspired by Japanese culture, Japan's movie, and the idea of the terrible an bloody samurai.
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Anno Di Fondazione1994
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Marco Rossi
Pieve Santo Stefano, Italia
Frank Rastrello
Montespertoli, Italia
Federica Soffietto
Torre del Greco, Italia
Phobos Acheronte
San benedetto del tronto, Italia
Martina Franca, Italia
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Holy Martyr