Glacial Fear
Glacial fear came into being during December of 1992 as a trio of vocalist/bassist Andrea Rizzuto, guitarist Gianluca Molè and drummer Danilo Citriniti.. After some initial demo work the formation debuted with a self financed single “Secrets at the steam forest” in 1994. Subsequently Gianluka Anastasi , former member of Granma Monkey , took command of the drum whilst the oddly sobriqueted “deathead” enrolled as a keyboard player fot the “Atlasphere:the burning circle” mcd release. By the time during 1997 Glacial Fear had signed to Nocturnal music for the “Frames” album they had made the transition from straightforward death metal to a sort of cyberthrash with keys ! . Losing both Anastasi and deathead the band regrouped with the addition of singer Nicola Bavaro (Cruentus, Schizo) repute with S.p.l. drummer Enzo Rotondaro. For the “Fetish parade”(2000 Negatron rec) album pulled in the UNDERTAKERS vocalist Enrico Giannone to aid on guest vocals fot 2 tracks. The sound of this release is now more on a deathcore with weird influences… However , upon completion of the album , Rizzuto ended his eight years tenure with the band and duly opted out. One years after, 2001 a new bassist (Tato) joined the band, and two year after Peppe Pascale takes the place of Nicola Bavaro, just in time to record a new ep “Illmatic” the natural follow up of Fetish Parade, a 5 songs mcd released in February 2004 by italian label NeWLM records /Crotalo ( and still available ! Artwork of this ep worked by expert graphic designer Fabio T./ (cd covers for GF93, KONKHRA, ...) After that release the band played some shows and supported live the finnish gods Impaled Nazarene at Krossower in Catania , Sept.2004. 2006 starts recording our third cd titled FILTHY PLANET . A self production with cooperation of Italian DIY Conspiracy (various underground prod./distros) Recordings and production by Gianluca GLK was completed in October 2006 at SOUNDFARM studio CZ (ITALY) Lay out and graphics by Dario Ursino ( January 2007 – new year begin in the best way FILTHY PLANET available on sale directly by the band ! After few shows in the last months we decided to dedicate fully to compose new songs . A new LP EQUILIBRIUM P.1 out on 2009, new songs and more rage … stay tuned!
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Giuseppe Tatangelo
Ionadi, Italia
09.10.2012 (2322 giorni fa)
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Trolo Lololol
Modena, Italia
Giuseppe Tatangelo
Ionadi, Italia
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Glacial Fear