Eyes of Soul

Formed in Milano (Italy) in 2001, the band started as prog/power cover band (Dream Theater, Angra etc) with the name "Cyberian Tales".
Then, we started to write our first songs and we spread them on Internet through Vitaminic, an international free mp3 website. We had a lot of good reviews from Vitaminic users, so we decided to take this project more seriously…we changed our monicker in "Eyes of Soul" and planned the recording of a promo.
After a couple of problematic years characterized by line-up instability, we arranged three of our songs for the promo. We recorded our first promo, "Prologue", at Elnor Studio, property of Labyrinth's drummer Mattia Stancioiu, at the end of 2005.
During the following years we played in many italian contests, meanwhile we were writing new songs for our upcoming work, scheduled for 2009/2010. At the end of 2009 we finished to arrange the songs and in april 2010 we started the recording sessions of our first album, again at Stancioiu's Elnor Studio. We spent 4 months recording and mixing the songs, then in august we moved to House of Audio Studios in Germany, for mastering.
This is the name given to the album, resuming the old monicker we used before; it's also the name of the concept that is the heart of the album, 5 songs from "The Dreamer" to "Past Memories".
The concept speaks about a common man, The Dreamer, that rejects the reality he lives; to escape this reality, his mind while asleep create a fictional reality, a place where he feels finally free and not only a number between millions : Cyberia.
The concept describe an imaginary journey of The Dreamer through Cyberia, until he reaches the awareness that he can't live there, imprisoned in a dream, he have to return to real life and try to change his flat destiny. But not only the concept, the entire album is focused on dreams, human desires and fears; starting from the intro Prologue (a quote taken from Freud's Interpretation of Dreams) to the last song Closer, it's a journey to the essence of mankind through his dreams.

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Debut Album, Out SOON!!!!
2658 giorni fa · Da Stefano Michelon
First Demo of EoS
2658 giorni fa · Da Stefano Michelon
Gli Eyes of Soul, progressive metal band di Milano, sono orgogliosi di annunciare la firma di un contratto con la storica etichetta Underground Symphony per la release del loro debut album "Cyberia…
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Stefano Michelon
Vigevano, Italia
11.11.2011 (2658 giorni fa)
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Martina Franca, Italia
Stefano Michelon
Vigevano, Italia
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Eyes of Soul