Drammagothica is an Italian gothic metal band formed in 2004 in Benevento. It was by an idea of the guitarist - Marco Lombardi - and the drummer - Julian Iuliano - partnered with Lucia Penna at the bass, Carlo De Filippo at keyboards and Luca Lombardi at the male growl voice. Only in 2004 this project takes the name Drammagothica in view of the publication of a demo - INVER NO, dated 2006 - which allowed it to make contact with the national music scene, letting it spread the name of the band thanks to modern internet channels dedicated to bands (www.myspace.com/drammagothica) and an intense “live” activity.
Subsequently, its sound evolved and becouse of different musical needs the band planned a change in its line-up: the female voice was replaced with Laura Santangelo. Drammagothica made its sound growing, then described by critics as a neo-classical and symphonic gothic metal. At the same time, preparations began for the first album - IRA, dated 2008 - a full length rich of new ideas and indicative of the growth of the band over the years. In 2009 Drammagothica signed a management contract with one of the most important agencies in Rome: the Kick Agency (http://www.kickagency.com).
All national magazines, national radios and webzines comment on its work, the band get reviews on Metal Shock and Metal Maniac, takes part in the distribution in South America of the Metal World Compilation vol.2 wanted by the venezuelan Mattey Magazine and sells around the world thanks to its merchandise page (www.drammagothica.it).
Drammagothica opens up a lot of great national bands and performs as “headliner” in many circumstances.
First Drammagothica’s videoclip - Anger in Pity - is an independent production made between the end of 2009 and the beginning of the new year.
It places another important milestone for the band. The official music video, with a track taken from the first publication, is available on the YouTube channel run by Drammagothica (http://www.youtube.com/drammagothica).
In 2010, there is another line-up change, the growl voice is replaced with Pierluigi Sellitto and at the keyboards, for studio recordings, comes Antonio Morante.
Drammagothica starts its worldwide digital distribution now available on channels such as i-Tunes, Napster, Amazon and many others. Currently employed in recording a new album expected in 2011 it will continue the saga of the deadly sins began with IRA.

Youtube Video
Anger in Pity - Official videoclip

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Dramma Gothica
Benevento, Italia
06.03.2012 (2540 giorni fa)
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Anno Di Fondazione2001
Fondatore Della BandJulian Iuliano, Marco Lombardi
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montegranaro, Italia
Dramma Gothica
Benevento, Italia
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