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The Sex Pistols - Bodies
This is The Sex Pistols Live at Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, TX. Tuesday, January 10, 1978 Pt.2 Actually this show starts with the song "God Save The Queen" but begins to be filmed in 'EMI', there is some footage of the early songs, TV programs made by reporting the show, but not completely recorded. With these others are not cut. Set List: God Save the Queen-no recording I Wanna Be Me-no recording Seventeen-no recording New York-no recording EMI Bodies Belsen Was a Gas Holidays in the Sun No Feelings Problems Pretty Vacant Anarchy in the USA No Fun "They said no one could be more bizarre than Alice Cooper, or more destructive than Kiss... they have not seen the Sex Pistols. Tuesday night, Stone City Attractions presents live, the Sex Pistols. Banned in their own home country, England's Sex Pistols, denied admittance to the United States, the Sex Pistols bring the new wave to the Metroplex this Tuesday night, in the Longhorn Ballroom. They said it couldn't happen, but it happens Tuesday night: the Sex Pistols, live." - Radio promo By this point in the tour, Sid Vicious, the least talented member of the band, was receiving most of the attention onstage. Other members of the band were getting fed up with his narcissistic attitude. Before the show, Steve threatened to punch him for focusing on himself and not the music. Sid hit the bottle hard before the show tonight. Being in Texas once again, he and Johnny found it appropriate to mock the "cowboys" in attendance. About <b>...</b>
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Alessandra Colella
Montecilfone, Italy
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The Sex Pistols - Bodies